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European voyagers were first drawn to the bountiful area in the 1500’s, and settlements were begun on nearby St. Helena, Parris and Hilton Head Islands by Spanish, French and English colonists. Ensuing struggles for control of Beaufort’s natural harbors, lush forests and plentiful waters would mark its history, and the specter of ancient forts and cannons adds a distinctive flavor of enduring legacy forged with hardship and sacrifice.

Chartered in 1711, and named by King Charles II for Lord Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, the town would join Charleston as the oldest in South Carolina, and quickly prospered from fur trading, timber production, and the cultivation of rice. By the early 1800’s, the rich sea island soil throughout the Beaufort area proved ideal for growing cotton, and the town’s golden era ensued with construction of grand homes and plantations. Although still a relatively small community by the mid-19th century, Beaufort would again loom large in military considerations with the coming of Civil War. The Union’s entire seacoast blockade strategy was based on the seizure of Beaufort and nearby Port Royal Sound in December, 1861, and occupation throughout the ensuing war would help spare some of the town’s structural treasures.

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Suffering from economic depression after the Civil War, Beaufort’s fortunes were aided in 1891 by the construction of U.S. Navy facilities at Port Royal, and the creation of Parris Island Marine Training Center by World War I. For much of the 20th century, Beaufort remained a quaint sea coast village, its stately antebellum buildings obscured by a rural, agricultural landscape seemingly far removed from the fast-paced modern world. Such tranquility would play a major role in Beaufort’s identity by the 1960’s, and the development of a world-class golf resort at neighboring Hilton Head.

The spacious, pristine expanses of waterway, tidal marsh and forest would continue to beckon, and upscale, environmental-friendly communities were developed on Fripp, Lady’s, Spring, and Dataw islands. Beaufort at the turn of the 21st century had once again become a coveted jewel – relished for a timeless charm and Southern hospitality, as well as an unparalleled visual aura, all set comfortably in a breezy, subtropical climate.

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Today Beaufort is known for its artful waterfront, where the annual Beaufort Water Festival is a grand spectacle each July with aerobatic shows and high speed boat races, as well as croquet tournaments and moonlight outdoor dances. The town has been featured prominently for its beauty and character in the movies “The Big Chill” and “Forrest Gump”, and continues to be a major center of the Gullah culture, recognizing the achievements and contributions of West African descendants.
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