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Beaufort SC Outdoor Recreation

For all the beauty of its grand mansions, historic fortifications, haunting graveyards and memorable church steeples, Beaufort is just as easily enjoyed for its nature, and outdoor activities abound throughout the year.
The most obvious choice for fun in the sun is on the water, which Beaufort County has in abundance, boasting more waterfront area than any other in South Carolina. This maze of pristine rivers, estuaries and tidal creeks meanders throughout for miles past old plantations, windswept marshes and huge stands of moss-draped oaks. The ebb and flow of water is a vital component of an incredible variety of wildlife that puts on a showy spectacle.

Bottlenose dolphins frequently swim into protected inlets in search of fish and crabs feeding on shallow bottoms. On board such local expeditions as Capt. Dick’s Beaufort River Tour and Dolphin Watch, Beaufort Kayak Tours, and the River Safari, paddlers and boat passengers can observe two remarkable dolphin techniques. One is “tailing”, in which the powerful mammal plunges with its tail fin splashing wildly on the surface, driving the dolphin’s nose into mud where its prey are hiding. The other is called “stranding”, in which the dolphin rushes through the water at great speed, pushing its body and a wall of water up on a shallow mud bank, where the big predator gulps down flopping fish before wiggling back into the water.
A seemingly endless flight of birds passes over Beaufort’s coastal waters, from whistler swans that migrate south in the winter, to the local varieties of egrets, herons, and ospreys. With so much island habitat divided by bodies of water, it is also common to see deer and raccoons swimming in transit with heads bobbing above the surface.

Another traditional sight is that of the local shrimp and crab harvesters with their distinctive boats and gear. The shrimp trawlers ply area such as St. Helena Sound with large spreading outriggers that drag nets along the bottom. With the tons of shrimp and fish gathered, there are always flocks of diving pelicans following in the trawlers’ wake. Crabbers are distinguished by their long, open boats piled with mesh cages. These crab traps are pulled from the bottom of creeks and bays daily, gathered by hauling in floats attached to long ropes that are winched in and turned over, revealing scores of colorful blue crabs, a local delicacy for which Beaufort is famous.

If you would rather catch the sea fare yourself, Beaufort features a wide range of angling charters for both off-shore and in-shore fishing, including Bay Street Outfitters, Beaufort Coastal Adventures, Beaufort on the Fly, Aqua Sport Inc./Sea Wolf Charter, and Cast Away Charters.

The more spectacular aspects of boating can also be enjoyed from the land during the annual Beaufort Water Festival each July, in which spectators along the beautiful Waterfront Park area can observe professional races featuring Formula One tunnel boats, Zap Cats and other super-powered muscle boats clocking speeds well over 110 miles an hour.

If the inclination is more slow-paced and serene on foot, Beaufort features the incomparable beauty of Hunting Island State Park only twenty minutes from the historic downtown area. This secluded barrier island offers miles of hiking trails through old-growth forest, a secluded stretch of white-sand public beach, and a remarkable 19th century lighthouse. The 140-foot tower can still be climbed to the top for one of America’s most fascinating views, and offering a first-hand experience in the fabled “lighthouse leg” weariness that was part of the life of the lighthouse keeper. A completely intact light keeper’s village displays the lenses used, and methods of maintain the tower that also served as a day marker. The most unique aspect of the historic light is construction design in which all parts are adjustable and numbered, allowing for the massive structure to be completely dismantled and moved farther inland when threatened by erosion in 1889.

Also high on the list of well-above-the-radar locations is Beaufort’s City Loft Hotel, complete with upscale amenities such as its City Java & News espresso bar. This invigorating boutique hotel in the heart of the historic district relaxes and refreshes guests for a more enjoyable outdoor experience in Beaufort’s expanse of natural wonders.

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